Iron Ore

A leading iron ore trader in the industry

As one of the core trading categories, the iron ore segment has a history of about 30 years is an important part of the Company’s traditional businesses. For business scale and market influence, the Company is elected by industry peers as the vice secretary general of Iron Ore Branch, China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters (CCCMC) and is listed among the first 14 entities with AAA credit rating accredited by CCCMC. We are a lead- ing iron ore trader in the industry, with annual trade volume exceeding 50 million tons and enjoy a good reputation in the industry.
Following the business strategy of “virtual mines + supply chain integration”, sticking to the business patten of independent distribution at ports plus entrepot trade and upholding the orientation of scale operation, the Company strives to become a main force of the iron & steel industrial chain and provide customers with high-quality services that integrate price management, inventory optimization, logistics and delivery, and remains committed to becoming a stable, reliable and valuable partner to participants of upstream and downstream sectors. The company has established long-term and stable cooper- ative relationships with world-renowned mining enterprises and different types of mines with unique characteristics. Based on variety research and comprehensive service function improvement, we continue to assist domestic steel enterprises in ensuring raw material supply.
As it takes proactive measures to respond to evolutions of the iron ore trading market, develops new business patterns, integrates physical trade with financial derivatives and further improves the hedging mechanism, the Company differenti- ates itself from other players in full competition and maintains top business scale stably above 50 million tons, becominga leader of the industry.
In the future, the iron ore business will uphold the green and high-quality development concept and the market-oriented operation principle, further expand to low-carbon and high-quality resources such as lump ore, concentrate fines and pellets, and steadily improve the core competitiveness, so as to grow stronger, better and bigger and to align business development with national interests and industry standards.