Vision & Mission


In pursuit of becoming a global influential first-tier commodity trader and mining company


We are actively engaged in the implementation of national strategies such as carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, building China into a trade power and the Belt and Road initiatives. On the premise of risk control, the Company focuses on strategical mineral resources and specialty raw materials promoted by Chinese government, such as niobium, iron, copper and aluminum, vigorously develops trade of commodities like metals and minerals, and sticks to the green energy and low-carbon footprint. The Company will take good advantage of its strengths in upstream resource (e.g. niobium and copper) investment to promote its commodity trading businesses, improve its capital utilization and commodities sourcing capabilities, and ensure long-term reliable and sufficient supply of metals and minerals that are essential to China.


Provide the best service for customers

develop a platform for employees to perform

maximize value for shareholders and stakeholders

and contribute to the development of our country


Core Values: