Focus on global coal supply and services

CITIC Metal Group coal business has a global trading footprint with offices in China and Singapore.

The business trades include Metallurgical , Steam coals and Cokes and have supply arrangements with mines and suppliers located in China, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Russia and the U.S.A. The coal business is focused on sourcing and trading all grades of coals, and has established relationships with a wide range of steel mills and power utilities in China.

Domestically, the business has built a model that covers the entire industry chain, stretching from mines to cargos concentrated transportation station, and finally to ports for distribution. The Company is mainly sourcing from Shanxi, Shaanxi and western Inner Mongolia.

Our coal business has a highly experienced international and domestic China team who are dedicated to developing sustainable bespoke value-added supply solutions for our customers. Our services include; superior access to all grades of coals, financing arrangements, inventory management and tailored supply chain and logistics management solutions.