Non-Ferrous Metals

Influential Trader of Copper Concentrate

The non-ferrous metals product line includes copper concentrates and base metals like electrolytic copper, nickel and aluminum. Backed by investments in upstream mineral resources, CITIC Metal strives to provide a stable supply of quality resources for non-ferrous metal smelters and producers, and integrates the industry chain of copper concentrate and refined copper by working closely with domestic smelting plants and customers across the chain. The Company started aluminum trading in 2017 and continued to strengthen its market position in non-ferrous metal sector.

Since 2016, with the distribution right of copper concentrate from Las Bambas, CITIC Metal has been proactively exploring copper concentrate business opportunities in the upstream and downstream sectors in China market. In 2017, the annual revenue of the non-ferrous metals business exceeded RMB10 billion for the first time and significantly strengthened its market position. In addition to the distribution right of copper concentrate from Las Bambas, the Company has secured several international suppliers for quality copper concentrate.

CITIC Metal will be focusing on the copper concentrate trading and continue to secure upstream resources by cooperating with mines in South America and countries along the Belt and Road. China will be undoubtedly the Company's core market while business opportunities with smelting enterprises in Asian countries will be explored. In the meantime, product portfolio will be further diversified from niobium, iron ore to include lead & zinc concentrate, aluminum products and base metals like copper, aluminum, lead, zinc and nickel, making non-ferrous metals another growth driver of our trading business.