China's Leading Titanium Alloy and Low Temperature Superconducting Material Manufacturer

Western Superconducting Technologies Co., Ltd. ("WST") was founded in Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone in 2003. It is a domestic center of R&D and production of special titanium alloy material for aviation industry and a world-class developer and producer of superconducting material.

In 2004, CITIC Metal was one of the founding shareholders to set up Western Superconducting Technologies and now holds 17.29% equity stake as the second largest shareholder. At the end of 2014, Western Superconducting Technologies was listed on the NEEQ. The investment has delivered good returns by way of stable dividends for CITIC Metal.

WST seeks to take the lead in new materials industry, and contribute to national defense and benefit society. It has built high-end aviation titanium alloy production line and became the only company in China, which can produce world-class lowtemperature superconductor (LTS) wires. Based on National Engineering Lab for the Preparation of Superconducting Materials and the National & Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Specialized Titanium Alloys, WST has provided strong support for solid supply of materials for the development and production of state-of-the-art combat aircrafts, large aircrafts, aero engines, as well as large-scale scientific engineering and high-end equipment such as international thermonuclear experimental reactors, magnetic resonance imagers, and particle accelerators. As a fundraising project, its high-temperature alloys production line started trial production in September 2017. The new line is likely to become a growth driver to facilitate China in developing new aero engines and gas turbines.