Leading player in the fields of high-end titanium alloy and low-tem- perature superconducting material in China
Founded in Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone in 2003, Western Superconducting Technologies Co., Ltd. focuses on R&D, production and sales of high-performance titanium alloys, low-temperature superconducting materials and high-temperature alloys, being a major R&D and production base of high-perfor- mance titanium alloys in China and the only enterprise that com- mercializes low-temperature superconducting wires in China. It is also the only enterprise that achieves whole-process production of niobium titanium ingot rods, superconducting wires and super- conducting magnets in the world.
In 2004, CITIC Metal invested in Western Superconducting Tech- nologies as a founding shareholder, and now it holds 11.89% eq- uity stake as the second largest shareholder. In 2019, Western Superconducting Technologies was listed on SSE STAR Market (Stock code: 688122).
Committed to the purpose of “Service to the State for the benefit of mankind” and devoted to conquering the high ground of new materials development, Western Superconducting Technologies builds a world-leading production line of high-end titanium alloy bars for aerospace application and a world-class production line of low-temperature superconducting wires, which is also the only one of its kind in China. Relying on R&D platforms such as the National  Engineering Laboratory for Development of Supercon- ducting Materials and the National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Technologies of Manufacturing Special-purpose Titanium Alloys, Western Superconducting Technologies provides sufficient materials to support the R&D and manufacturing of advanced com- bat aircrafts, large aircrafts, aero engines and high-end equipment for large scientific projects including international thermonuclear experimental reactors, magnetic resonance imagers and particle accelerators.